Fraser Island Map

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Detailed Fraser Island map

Frasier Island Map - Hema Maps

Grab a detailed map to help you explore Fraser Island.

This map is the only complete map of Fraser Island that gives full topographic contours. In addition, all the tracks on the island have been graded accurately and located using Hema's GPS mapping system. The reverse side includes large colour photos, comprehensive text on the history, environment and attractions, and a telephone directory for accommodation, permits, tours and more.

If you would like to go on your own self drive 4WD tour on Fraser Island, then this detailed Fraser Island map is an absolute must. Also for visitors who go on a guided Fraser Island Tour or are just staying in a holiday rental accommodation or resort this Fraser Island map will provide valuable information as the reverse side of the map is packed with additional details about attractions, history and other interesting information.

  • GPS plotted tracks
  • Phone directory
  • Topographic detail
  • Detailed inset maps

Information included:

  • Sand driving
  • Dingoes
  • Things to do
  • Permits
  • Fraser Island access
  • Barges & passenger ferries
  • Attractions - Central Station - Wanggoolba Creek - Pile Valley
  • Camping
  • Fraser Island lakes - Lake Mckenzie
  • Accommodation - Kingfisher Bay Resort - Eurong Beach Resort - Happy Valley - Orchid Beach

Total price: AUD $19.80 - includes GST & Postage (within Australia)

Call: (07) 3503 6789

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